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    Opinion by sunnyfields posted 2 hours ago
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    I have seen other people post their own ranking of the Disney Princesses, and since I'm new here, I thought it would be fun to do my own ranking.

    I would love to hear your comments about your own ranking and thoughts about my ranking of the Disney Princesses.

    Thank you so much for creating a welcoming community where I feel comfortable enough to post my personal opinions.

    My ranking of the Disney Princesses has changed a lot over the years, but this is my current ranking for 2019.

    List by zanhar1 posted 5 hours ago
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    I've been on a bit of a K-Pop binge lately and part of that has been really listening to the songs and vocals and picking out who has the most pleasing voice to me, personally. That idol ends up becoming my bias. I typed this article to kind of help me keep track of who my bias from each band is, considering that there are just so many kpop bands and idols out there lol.

    2NE1: Minzy
    SNSD: Jessica
    Super Junior: Heechul
    Bigbang: T.O.P
    SHINee: Taemin
    Kara: Nicole
    EXID: Hani
    EVOL: Say
    4Minute: Jihyun
    f(x): Amber
    Sistar: Hyorin
    H.U.B.: Hyosun
    (G)idel: Minnie
    Wa$$up: Nari
    Crayon Pop: Gummi
    Beast: Hyunseung
    Block B: Taeil
    Twice: Chaeyoung
    Wonder Girls: Sunmi
    Red Velvet: Wendy
    Ace Of Angels: Jimin
    Spica: Boa
    Boys Republic: Suwoong
    BTL: Jisu
    AlphaBAT: B:eta
    TinyG: Myungji
    TVXQ/DBSK: Changmin
    Girls Day: Yura
    EXO: Kai
    Fan fiction by BingoPB posted 5 hours ago
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    The next day, everyone woke up for the last day of 2023. After breakfast, Lydia, John, and their friends went out and got supplies for their party that evening. Afterwards, they took Foxy for a morning walk. Pattie asked, "How big do you think Foxy will get?" Lydia said, "He could grow a little more, considering that puppies reach their full size at ten months, but I doubt he'll get much bigger than he is right now." Catherine said, "You'd be surprised. My Gerberian Shepsky took a pretty big growth spurt in just two months. That's from the German Shepherd in him." That evening, Lydia, John, and their friends had their party. They recapped on the year. Lydia said, "This year had its ups and downs, but in the end, I think the ups outweighed the downs." Gavin said, "Overall, I think it was a good year." Catherine said, "I think so, too." Rebecca said, "It certainly was a year full of adventure." John said, "Yes. I think the best part of this year was meeting my soulmate." He smiled at Lydia. She smiled back. Marie said, "I enjoyed meeting you all in person." Lydia said, "Right back at you." Pattie said, "I agree. I think we should also note that this year marked the sixtieth...
    Opinion by cruella posted 9 hours ago
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    by cruella
    Hi everybody! First let me apologize for being a bit late getting the article up this time. I'm sure you're all familiar with the business of the holiday season, and due to that I got a little behind. Also, I would like to thank everyone who helped with the article, as I could not have done in alone.

    Anyway, before we get started let me give you a brief run down of the Meet the DP Fans articles, in case you happen to new to the club and/or unfamiliar with them. These articles have been done in past by a few other users to showcase some of the current Disney Princess fans. Now, obviously, there are many other members in this club, besides the ones listed here, but it would be pretty much impossible to include everyone in the list (for various reasons). But anyway, each person involved is listed according to their favorite princess, and there is a short summary of that person, so we can all get to know each other a little bit better.

    Snow White's Fans
    Article by hornean posted 11 hours ago
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    News by seattlelivin posted 22 hours ago
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    Elijah Jones, currently in speculation about a potential 2019 album confirms to have "let go" of the Kinlee And Elijah trend. For those of you who don't know. Kinlee And Elijah was a trend that started off in 2015 after Jones releasee his sophomore album "Utilize" The trend was based around characters in 2015. But upon suffering depression and promoting a Lindsey Stirling album in 2016, Elijah used Kinlee And Elijah as the final passing for Elijah's trilogical album "Forgive To Forget" 2017. Based after the Brave Enough album he promoted in August 2016.

    Currently, after relleasing the kewyord in 2018. Followers have been in question on whether or not Jones will be releasing his 4th studio album rumoured to release in 2019. With little hype and little posting, we can only hope that Jones will have something releasing this year. Currently after releasing the keyword
    Jones is expected to start something new, and different for his next "supposedly" 2019 album.
    Fan fiction by Unimiraculonime posted 1 day ago
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    Have you ever wondered why our favorite superheroes act as they do? I mean could you really imagine Adrien be all flirtatious and as quoted by Marinette “So over the top”? Well, I gained a theory after watching season 2 part two’s “Sanboy” and I saw how Plagg was acting toward Tikki and vice versa. Then it hit me what if when Marinette and Adrien transform they gain part of their kwami’s personality. How Plagg acted was a lot like how you would imagine Cat Noir’s actions. Tikki’s kindhearted actions and annoyance toward Plagg reminded me of Ladybug. Could it just be a coincidence or could it really mean something that the animators were trying to hide? ??
    Comment what you think! ??
    Article by hornean posted 1 day ago
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    Cows are grazing in an open window. They are dairy cows, the milk makers.

    Other animals make milk, too. But dairy cows make most of the milk we use.

    There are five common breeds of dairy cows. The Holstein-Friesian is the most popular because it can produce more milk than the other breeds.

    A cow is able to make milk when she is two years old and has given birth to a calf. Her milk is the food for her baby. She makes more than her calf will ever need—so we use the extra milk.

    A few months after her calf is born, a cow is bred again to have another calf. She will be pregnant for nine months. Two months before her second calf is due, the farmer stops milking her, so she stops producing milk. She is “dry.” When her new calf is born, she makes milk again.

    In the spring and summer, a dairy cow eats grass and drinks water from streams and ponds. She eats about fifty pounds of food, and drinks about fifteen gallons of water, a day.
    Article by hornean posted 1 day ago
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    I live at 165 East 95th Street, New York City, and I’m going to stay here forever.

    My mother and father are moving. Out West.

    They say I have to go, too.
    They say I can’t stay here forever.

    Out West nobody plays baseball because they’re too busy chasing buffaloes.

    And there’s cactus everywhere you look.
    But if you don’t look, you have to stand up just as soon you sit down.

    Out West it takes fifteen minutes just to say hello.
    Like this: H-O-W-W-W-D-Y, P-A-A-A-R-D-N-E-R.

    Out West I’ll look silly all the time.
    I’ll have to wear chaps and spurs and a bandana and a hat so big that nobody can find me underneath it.
    And I’ll have to ride a horse to school every day and I don’t know how.

    Out West everybody grows up to be a sheriff.
    I want to be a subway driver.

    My best friend is Seymour, and we like to eat salami sandwiches together.
    Article by hornean posted 1 day ago
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    Alistair Grittle was a sensible boy.

    Every day he made a list of the things he had to do.
    Then he made a list of things he did not have to do.

    He was always on time for school. The school clock was set by Alistair’s watch.

    He hung up his jacket every night and put his shoes in plastic bags.

    Alistair took especially good care of library books. He washed his hands before he read them so that he would not smudge the pages. And he always returned them to the library on time.

    One day, when Alistair was returning his books to the library, something unusual happened.

    He was picked up by a space ship and whisked off into space.

    Two creatures who called themselves Goots were flying the space ship. They were from a planet known as Gootula. They were very friendly.
    The Goots liked Alistair very much and wanted to take him home with them.

    Alistair thanked the Goots very much. But he did not want to go to Gootula. “My library books are due back today,” he said. “The librarian will be expecting me.”
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 day ago
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    Song (Start at 0:54): link

    Announcer: When you want good fan fictions.
    Con Mane: Mane. Con Mane.
    Announcer: There's only one user on this website that can give you what you want.

    Hedgehog In Ponyville
    Con Mane
    Ponies On The Rails
    The Storm
    Spike It
    Grand Theft Ponies
    Don't Eat Cupcakes On Sunday With Jeff The Killer
    Bad Auditions By Bad Actors

    Announcer: All this, and more, from...

    Requests for fan fictions? Send a message sharing your idea, and we'll use it.

    Song: link

    Announcer: SeanTheHedgehog is, the leader in fan fictions.
    Henry: *Stares at the fire, and does nothing*
    Colonel Allandra: *Staring at the DH17. She nervously drinks the cognac*
    Article by hornean posted 1 day ago
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    Did you ever hear of Mickey, how he heard a racket in the night

    and shouted, “QUIET DOWN THERE!”

    And fell through the dark, out of his clothes

    Past the moon & his mama & papa sleeping tight

    Into the light of the night kitchen?

    Where the bakers who bake till the dawn so we can have cake in the morn mixed Mickey in batter, chanting:

    “Milk in the batter! Milk in the batter! Stir it! Scrape it! Make it! Bake it!”

    And they put that batter up to bake a delicious Mickey-cake.

    But right in the middle of the steaming and the making and the smelling and the baking, Mickey poked through and said:
    “I’m not the milk and the milk’s not me! I’m Mickey!”

    So he skipped from the oven & into bread dough all ready to rise in the night kitchen.

    He kneaded and punched it and pounded and pulled

    Till it looked okay.
    Opinion by Lusamine posted 1 day ago
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    Jennie Kim is a sensation. She is a model, rapper, and singer. She is fluent in three languages, conversational in two others, and was scouted by YG Records when she was only sixteen years old. The inspired young adult is a member of the South Korean girl group "BLACKPINK", the second most popular team in their entire music industry, so it is needless to say that she would eventually begin her own solo career. Well, she did. Her debut song was ironically titled "Solo". However, there is a lot of controversy as to whether this song ended up being a bop or a flop. I wish to evaluate this piece by each individual aspect in order to clarify that.

    We will start with the concept. We have a subject that hundreds of other artists have recycled, but since nothing is truly original these days, I cannot exactly charge her for that. As with many Korean videos, she wears several different outfits with corresponding makeup, and the dancing complements these ensembles. Speaking of the dancing, there is very little of it, and what there is proves very simplistic. Considering the theme is designed to be empowering to those, such as the singer, that have endured a bad breakup, you...
    List by orangescrum posted 1 day ago
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    According to a management institute, around two-thirds of projects are designed to fail. Project management skills are an essential part of corporate strategy. Great project management can take a solid concept and produce a relevant, stable product, while bad project management skills can turn even the best of ideas into a mess.

    From a study, it has found that only 2.5% of companies complete all the projects they set out to do and about 1 in 6 projects had a cost overrun of 200% or more

    Read the Full Article on Orangescrum Blog
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
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    Song: link

    Announcer: Have a good day, and enjoy our feature presentation.

    Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
    December 7, 1941, seconds before the Japanese attack

    Pierce Hawkins, a reverend at one of the churches was walking on the sidewalk by the harbor.

    Pierce: *Sees airplanes in the sky* Hm, silver airplanes. They must be Japanese.
    Japanese Pilots: *Dropping bombs on ships in the harbor*
    Pierce: *Runs away from the harbor*

    He was only 700 feet away from his house.

    Japanese Pilot: *Flying towards Pierce, and shoots at him*
    Pierce: *Falls on the ground*
    Japanese Pilot: *Drops a bomb on Pierce's house*
    Pierce: *Looks at his house* NO!!! *Runs to it, and looks inside* NO, NO, NO!!!!

    During the rest of the attack, he hid in his church.
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
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    Song: link

    Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
    Professor: *Gets moved backwards by an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
    Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
    Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
    Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
    Buttercup: *Flying to the left of Blossom*
    Villains: *Standing together in a red room*
    Powerpuff Girls: *Getting ready to attack*
    Villains: *Getting ready to attack*

    They ran towards each other, but the villains were not going to win, (obviously.)

    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
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    Song: link

    Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
    Professor: *Gets moved backwards by an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
    Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
    Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
    Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
    Buttercup: *Flying to the left of Blossom*
    Villains: *Standing together in a red room*
    Powerpuff Girls: *Getting ready to attack*
    Villains: *Getting ready to attack*

    They ran towards each other, but the villains were not going to win, (obviously.)

    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
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    Song: link

    Song: link

    [i]SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

    Men: *Racing hot rods*

    Six Shooters 2

    Men: *Racing in other hot rods*

    Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
    WindWakerGuy430 as Harry Penn
    Ashleigh Ball as Camryn Jones
    Kristen Bell as Amy Penn
    John Pankow as Captain Ford

    Also Starring

    Mark Salling as Frank Sullivan
    Scott Caan as Alec Baker
    Joseph May as Tommy Ten
    Mark Wahlberg as Wade Harvey
    Jess Harnell as Biff Frederickson
    Jamie Foxx as Henry Cahill
    Cody McMains as Scott Elroy
    Charley Atwell as Hilary McKinnon
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
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    Song: link

    Announcer: Good morning New Jersey. We hope you're having a pleasant day as we get some Rock N' Roll playing.

    Song: link

    SeanTheHedgehog & Windwakerguy430 Present

    Six Shooters

    Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
    Windwakerguy430 as Harry Penn
    John Pankow as Captain Ford
    Kristen Bell as Amy
    Ashleigh Ball as Camryn Jones

    Also starring

    Robert Pine as Andrew McLaren
    Oscar Isaac as Daniel Astrachan

    Harry: *Wakes up in his bed, and gets up*
    Amy: *Downstairs making eggs with bacon* Are you up yet honey?
    Harry: Yeah. I'll be right there. *Turns off the radio, and puts on a pair of slippers*
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
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    An Imperial Landing Craft was flying through a planet covered in snow, 18 inches thick. It passed over a mountain, and increased speed.

    Song (Start at 0:17): link

    Colonel Turner: Here he is. At the Schloss Adler. The Castle of Eagles. Believe me, it's well named, because only an eagle can get to it. Our job is to get inside there, and get him out as soon as possible.
    Colonel Kramer: Major Debeldun, in charge of shipping in weapons.
    Republic Soldier: Green light go!
    Men: *Jump out of the Landing Craft*
    Colonel Kramer: Colonel Weissner, head of security.
    Republic Soldiers: *Using parachutes after jumping out of the landing craft*
    Colonel Kramer: Major Von Hapen, in charge of storm troopers.
    Republic Soldiers: *Landing in the snow*

    Stop the song

    Major Smith: *Inside the castle, wearing an Imperial Officer's uniform* Allow me to introduce myself. *Walking towards General Rosemeyer* Major Johann Smith, enlisted into the Imperials from the Outer Rim.
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
    fan of it?

    Theme Song: link

    Los Angeles, Alicornia

    New Years Day, 2015. 10:21 AM

    SeanTheHedgehog Presents


    Starring Pierce Hawkins as the detective

    Also starring

    Master Sword from Windwakerguy430
    Ditto from Canada24
    Power Play from Edvine2
    Leaf Pile from SeanTheHedgehog
    And Nikki West from Jade_23

    Power Play: Alright, just like we planned.
    Master Sword: Got it.
    Leaf Pile: *Loads gun*
    Ditto: *Puts on mask*

    The others put on their masks, and loaded up their guns. Then they went into a bank.

    Power Play: Alright, everypony down on the ground right now!!
    Ditto: We're taking all of the money in this bank!
    Master Sword: We don't wanna kill you, so don't make any mistakes!
    Review by BuddyBoy600alt posted 2 days ago
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    Here is macrovision signal in action.
    The year is 1983. In 1983, A San Francisco security company launched. It was called Macrovision. Macrovision was created for Home Video (Prerecorded Betamaxs, VHS, Laserdiscs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays) to prevent viewers from copying it. You rented a Betamax tape from Blockbuster Video and you made a copy on a blank Betamax tape but the screen suddenly scrambles. Well, That's the sign of Macrovision. They are there to prevent you from copying it. Macrovision signal is on the tape itself. If you want to know if the Betamax tape is copy-protected, Here is how! I have the oscilloscope. The signal will appear on the clear pulps part on the scope. It cause the screen to scramble and go crazy. On modern Betamax recorders and on DVD Recorders, It just stops the recording and gives you the blue screen of death error that reads: "RECORDING ERROR!: This program is not allowed to be recorded!"
    Fan fiction by Peaceandlove67 posted 2 days ago
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    4 fans
    One day, the members of New Religion were eating lunch. As they were finishing up, they heard the doorbell ring. Paul said, "I'll get it." He limped to the door. The doorbell rang again. He said, "I'm coming. Give the crippled dude some time, will ya?" He opened the door, and Rosa was standing there. She said, "Paul, I just heard your song. It made me think that I should have appreciated your honesty. You're the most honest guy I've ever met." Paul said, "Oh, that sounds so close to an apology, but you're not quite there yet. Goodbye." He tried to shut the door, but Rosa stopped him. She said, "Wait! I'm sorry. I turn into a monster when I'm angry. I shouldn't have tried to hurt you. You may be an aromantic asexual, but you were awful good to me. It's my fault you're hurt, Paul." He said, "Apology accepted, Rosa." She said, "Oh, Paul, I thought I had killed you at first. John told me you were only unconscious. I was afraid you would never forgive me." Paul said, "Rosa, I'm a forgiving person." She smiled and said, "Looking back on it, you were more like a really cool friend than a boyfriend. I want my friend back." He smiled and said, "You got it." That night, Erin said, "I'm glad...
    Opinion by Canada24 posted 2 days ago
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    Everyone is praticing the wedding.

    Princess Celestia: Perfect, girls. No need to rush. Then of course, Cadance will enter.

    Princess Celestia: I'll say a few words, and then we'll begin with the vows. Shining Armor, you'll get the ring from your best mare.

    Spike: [deep voice] Do you? [high voice] I do!

    Shining Armor: Hey... has anyone seen Twilight?

    [doors open]

    Twilight Sparkle (angrily): I'm here! I'm not gonna stand next to her! And neither should you!

    Shining Armor: I'm sorry, I... I don't know why she's acting like this.

    Saten Twist: Maybe her period.

    Derpy (her and Glaze were invited. Trixie two, but was busy, both of them next to him): Seriously, that's not funny anymore dude.

    Saten Twist: Says you.

    Princess Cadance/Queen Chrysalis: (iratated) Maybe we should just ignore her.

    Twilight Sparkle: You have to listen to me!

    Opinion by Canada24 posted 2 days ago
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    The main six have a picnic. Saten invited as despite not always getting along with them, he's ther friend. Espically to AppleJack, his ex girlfriend but still friend. And somewhat of a brother/sister relationship to Twilight. Though not as much as he later has with Starlight Glimmer.

    Spike: Twi... light! ...I... have... Lemme just... [deep breath] [belch]

    Twilight Sparkle (before alicord): Dear Twilight, I am sure you are as excited as I am about the upcoming wedding in Canterlot. [to the others] Wedding? [reading] I will be presiding over the ceremony, but would very much like you and your friends to help with the preparations for this wonderful occasion. Fluttershy, I would like you and your songbird choir to provide the music.

    Fluttershy: Oh my goodness! What an honor!

    Saten: I guess (drinks light beer)

    Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie, I can think of no one more qualified than you to host the reception.

    Pinkie Pie: Hip, hip, hooray!
    Article by ktichenor posted 2 days ago
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    1 fan
    Hello! So you guys know my favorite show is Doctor Who (though I can't imagine how? *lol!*)

    Anyway I've decided to do a blog explaining a bit about the show (the new series only), the Doctors and the companions (one at a time, of course) and maybe introduce the show to a future whovian?

    So first let's explain a bit about the show! ??

    Doctor Who has been around since the sixties! *WOW!* It was canceled then brought back in 2005 (thank you Russell T Davies!) and has been going ever since.

    Now the show centers around an alien or Time Lord/Lady who looks human called 'the Doctor'. The Doctor is from the planet Galefrey.

    No one knows the Doctor's real name. (That's a mystery) but they go through the universe and time saving planets and history. They do this in a police phone box called the TARDIS, named by their granddaughter, Susan. (TARDIS stands for Time Relative Dimension In Space.) Don't let the shape fool you it's bigger on the inside! And never call the TARDIS an it. She is a living thing. TARDIS's are grown not built. And the Doctor stole her some years ago! And really isn't the best driver...
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 days ago
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    General Lizzon was inspecting other sections of Sandy Point when another General walked into the control tower.

    General: Where did all the X-Wings go?
    Tower Operator: General Lizzon's orders. His main concern is sabotage.
    General: Unacceptable. Get those X-Wings back out there now. We need those pilots to get up in the sky as quickly as possible if an enemy does attack. Also if Lizzon's really worried about sabotage, he would leave those X-Wings the way they are, so that the guards can watch them all without having to turn their heads. Now, as I said earlier, get those X-Wings back out there.

    An alarm was activated as the X-Wings were placed back on the side of the runway: link

    General Lizzon: *Watching the X-Wings being moved* What the hell are you doing?!
    Rebel: Sorry sir, General Corrin's orders.
    General Lizzon: *Sees the General* You! *Walking towards him* Your incompetence is going to cost us well over a hundred X-Wings, if not all of them!
    Fan fiction by BingoPB posted 3 days ago
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    4 fans
    The next morning, Lydia, John, and their friends left Lydia's childhood home after breakfast. On the way back to Tennessee, Marie said, "Lydia, your aunt and uncle are full of malarkey. How did you put up with them for all those years?" Lydia said, "They never really came around very often. They were around more in my adulthood than during my childhood." Rebecca asked, "Why do you suppose they came around more towards the end of your grandmother's life?" Lydia said, "My grandmother had caregivers around the clock. My aunt and uncle didn't like that. They came in to mess up the caregivers' schedules, hoping they would get mad and quit." Pattie said, "That's just sick!" Lydia said, "It is sick. My uncle claimed that he had regrets about my grandfather. Regrets, my butt! He trashed his own father while he was in the damn coffin!" Gavin said, "That's awful." Catherine added, "It is indeed." Lydia said, "On the positive side, we'll never hear from those assholes again once everything is settled. I miss my grandmother, though." She broke down and cried. John said, "I know you do, darling." She said, "I wish everything was still all right." Pattie said, "Don't worry, Lydia. It will be. It...
    Article by hornean posted 3 days ago
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    One hot summer day Ernie had a cool idea.
    “Hey, Bert,” he said. “Let’s sell lemonade.”

    “Good idea, Ernie,” said Bert. “You go buy the lemons. Then we will make the lemonade together.”
    “Right, Bert,” said Ernie. “I will get the lemons.”
    And he ran off to the store.

    On the way Ernie saw Big Bird and Grover.
    “Hi,” said Ernie. “I am going to have a lemonade stand. Be sure to come.”
    “Oh, we will,” said Big Bird. “All these feathers can make a bird pretty hot.”

    At Mr. McIntosh’s store Ernie saw big piles of lemons.
    He saw big piles of oranges too.
    The oranges looked delicious.
    Ernie bought them instead of lemons.

    At Ernie and Bert’s house Bert painted letters on a piece of cardboard.
    They said:
    10¢ A GLASS

    When Ernie got home, Bert looked inside the bag.
    “ERNIE! These are oranges!” he yelled. “Where are the lemons?”
    Article by hornean posted 3 days ago
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    One day Ernie and Bert were walking by Mister Hooper’s store.
    Suddenly Ernie stopped.
    “Look at that!” he said.

    Ernie pressed his nose to the store window.
    Inside was a beautiful box of paints. It had lots of colors—even gold and silver.
    “Gee,” said Ernie. “I wish I had that box of paints.”

    “Maybe you can have it,” said Bert. “Mister Hooper is having a contest. The painter of the best picture wins that box of paints.”

    Ernie started to run home.
    “Wow!” he said. “I am going to paint a picture right now!”

    Ernie got out his old paint box.
    Then he got some paper.
    He was ready to start painting.
    The doorbell rang.

    “I have a letter for you, Ernie,” said the mailman.
    “Thanks,” said Ernie.
    Then he said good-bye to the mailman and opened his letter.

    The letter was from his cousin.
    It said:
    [i]Dear Ernie,
    I painted a picture for you.
    Article by hornean posted 3 days ago
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    Elmo was younger and smaller than all of his friends on Sesame Street.
    It was hard for him to keep up with them.

    Elmo could not run as fast as the others.

    He could not jump as far as the others.

    He could not play baseball at all.
    The bat was bigger than Elmo!

    One sunny day Ernie and Bert and Big Bird and Grover went roller skating in the park.
    Elmo went too.
    Suddenly a bell rang.
    It was the ice cream truck.
    Everyone skated off to get some ice cream.
    “Hey!” Elmo cried. “Wait for me!”

    Grover skated back to Elmo.
    “I, Grover, will help you. Hold on to my hand,” he said.
    And off they went.

    Clickety-clack, lickety-split, faster and faster they went…

    until they hit a bump.
    CRASH! They both fell down.

    “WAH! WAH!” went Elmo.
    “Oh, my goodness! Are you hurt?” asked Grover.
    “I have a boo-boo on my leg,” cried Elmo.
    Article by hornean posted 3 days ago
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    Big Bird liked to play with his friends.
    But playing with them was hard for Big Bird because…

    their jump ropes were too short…

    their hopscotch boxes were too small…

    their hide-and-seek hiding places were too little…

    their see-saws came down but never went up.

    One day Big Bird came home from the park by himself.
    “I am too big to play with my friends,” he sobbed.

    He was so busy crying he did not see his friend, Snuffle-upagus.

    “Don’t cry, Bird,” said Snuffle-upagus. “You are not too big. Their games are too little.”

    Big Bird jumped up.
    He stopped crying.
    “Do you really think so, Mr. Snuffle-upagus?”

    “Yes, Bird, I really do,” said Snuffle-upagus. “You are a very nice size—big, like me.”
    Then Big Bird had an idea.
    “Hey, we are both big. So let’s play together!” said Big Bird.

    Snuffle-upagus shook his head.
    Fan fiction by 80smusiclover1 posted 3 days ago
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    A unique restaurant caught the attention of the foursome and the Beatles as they walked. This restaurant is called "Fernando's", and its specialty is Peri-Peri barbecue chicken. After checking the outside menu, George said, "The food here looks tasty. Let's try this out." Rosie replied, "All right. Let's go inside." They were awed by the restaurant's carnival-like atmosphere as one of the waiters led them to their table. Once seated, everyone decided to order a group meal, which consisted of a platter of boneless chicken breast fillets, six pieces of chicken wings, four cups of Portuguese rice, a basket of garlic bread, red-skinned mashed potatoes, flame-grilled corn on the cob, and bottomless soda. John commented as they ate, "Wow! I've never tasted chicken like this before." Paul added, "Me too. This is so good!" George especially enjoyed pigging out on the wings, and he stripped them off completely clean, leaving only the bones. Nicholas was amazed and told him, "George! You're excellent in eating chicken wings!" George replied, "Why, thank you veddy much indeed! I've got a special set of teeth to help me do this." He then smiled while showing his signature "fangs". Scruffy...
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 3 days ago
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    Vito arrived in San Franciscolt. Despite the extra money, he was still not looking forward to working with Jerry.

    Vito: *Takes a left turn, and looks at the address* Not far now.
    Boss: *Watching Vito pull in* Your brother has just arrived. *Hangs up*
    Jerry: Thank you. *Hangs up* I'll see you tomorrow Kayla.
    Kayla: You don't want me to wait here for you?
    Jerry: It's not going to be pleasant.
    Kayla: Very well.

    Vito stepped out of his car, and walked towards the villa, when he received a warm welcome.

    Boss: Thank you for coming all the way from Chicagoat to help us.
    Vito: You're welcome.
    Boss: Follow me, and I'll introduce you to the others.
    Jerry: *Arrives in his Subaru*

    Jerry saw them go upstairs, so he decided to wait for them to come downstairs before talking to Vito.

    Vito: Thanks for everything.
    Boss: Nothing is too good for a fellow Costanza member.
    Vito: *Walking back to his car when he sees Jerry* What are you doing here?
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    One day Bert was painting.
    It was hard work.
    It made Bert thirsty.
    He got out the milk.
    Bert dropped the milk.

    “ERNIEEE!” yelled Bert. “Help!”
    Ernie came running.
    “Bert! Why did you poor milk on the floor?” asked Ernie.
    “I did not POUR it,” said Bert. “I SPILLED it! Please go out and find a mop. And hurry!”

    Ernie ran down Sesame Street.
    He saw Betty Lou.
    “Bert needs a mop. Do you have one?” he asked Betty Lou.
    “Gee, I don’t know,” she said. “But I will look for one.”

    Betty Lou walked down the street.
    “If Bert needs a map, he must be going on a trip!” she said.

    “I will look for a map and ask him to send me a postcard.”

    Betty Lou knocked on Oscar’s trash can.
    “Who woke me up?” growled Oscar.

    “I did,” said Betty Lou. “Bert needs a map. Do you have one?” she asked.
    “How should I know?” yelled Oscar. “I am asleep!”
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    Today was a big day for Big Bird.
    He was going to visit Granny Bird.
    She lived at the seashore!
    It was his first trip away from home.
    Big Bird’s friends took him to the bus stop.
    “Good-bye, Big Bird! Have fun! We will miss you,” they said.
    “I will miss you, too,” he said.

    Big Bird thought the bus would never get there.
    “Gee, I hope Granny is waiting for me,” he said to himself.

    At last the bus stopped.
    Granny Bird waved to Big Bird.
    “My little Big Bird! I am so happy to see you!” Granny said.
    “Me, too, Granny!” Big Bird said.

    After lunch they went to the beach.
    Granny’s friends all said, “My, what a nice grandson!”
    But Big Bird did not want to talk.
    He wanted to go into the water.
    “Go on, dear,” said Granny. “I can watch you from here.”
    Big Bird ran to the water.
    It was the first time that he had ever seen the sea.
    “Wow! It sure is big!” he said.
    Article by hornean posted 3 days ago
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    Herry Monster liked to skip.
    One day he skipped down Sesame Street…
    and right into the mailman.
    Letters went flying.
    So did the mailman.

    Herry helped the mailman get up.
    Then he picked up the letters.
    “Look!” said Herry. “A letter for ME!”
    Herry dropped his bag and read the letter.

    The letter said: “Come to a tea party. Bring your favorite doll.”
    It was from Ernie and Bert.

    Herry skipped down the block.
    “I love parties!” he sang.
    He skipped to Betty Lou’s house.
    She had a letter too.

    “Are you going to the party?” he asked her.
    “Oh, yes,” she said. “And so is my beautiful doll.”
    Herry smiled and said, “So is MY beautiful doll.”
    Then Herry stopped smiling.
    “Where IS my doll?”

    Suddenly Herry remembered.
    “I had my doll in a bag and I put it down on a pile of leaves by the post office.”
    Betty Lou said, “Let’s go find it.”
    Article by hornean posted 3 days ago
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    Big Bird was looking for someone to play with.
    “Here comes Bert,” said Big Bird. “I bet he will play catch with me.”

    “Hi, Bert!” said Big Bird. “Let’s play catch.”

    Bert kept on walking.
    “Not today,” said Bert. “Ernie is waiting for me.”
    Big Bird looked surprised.
    “Oh,” he said.

    Just then Grover ran out of his house.
    He had a shiny new truck.
    “Hi, Grover!” said Big Bird. “That’s a nice truck. Let’s play with it.”
    Grover kept on running.
    “I am sorry, Big Bird, but I am giving it to Ernie,” said Grover.
    Big Bird looked sad.
    “Oh,” he said.

    Then Big Bird saw Cookie Monster.
    He had a big box of cookies.
    “Hi, Cookie! Want to play?”
    Cookie shook his head.
    “Me bring Ernie cookies,” said Cookie.

    Big Bird looked mad.
    “Nuts!” he said.
    “No nuts!” said Cookie Monster. “Cookies!”

    Big Bird sat on the steps.
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    Dental Tourism Ajijic
    Ajijic offers you one of the best dental implants specialists in implants, you can have the best options for your oral health with US quality and savings of up to 70% on your dental work, so you can travel and get your dental work done worry-free.

    Ajijic offers a great variety of fun activities and accommodation options, our dental clinic will offer you quality on your dental services at prices you won't believe, visit our Puerto Vallarta Dental Clinic and save.

    Patients from US and Canada travel to Ajijic Jalisco to get dental implants, the most common treatments are:

    Snap-on Dentures
    An im-plant-supported overdenture has the advantage of replacing a patient’s teeth with more lenient implant placement positions compared to the other alternative prosthetic choices. Are indicates when the patient has a severe morphologic compromise of denture supporting areas that significantly undermine denture retention. Poor oral muscular coordination Low tolerance of mucosal tissues. Parafunctional habits leading to recurrent soreness and instability of prosthesis.
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    Bert and Ernie are best friends.
    They live together.
    Bert is neat.
    Ernie is messy.

    Sometimes Ernie is VERY messy.
    Then Bert gets mad.
    “Ernie, come here!” Bert shouts.
    “Look at the mess you have made!”

    “Okay, Bert,” says Ernie. “I am coming.”

    Ernie jumps out of the tub.
    Splash! Splash!
    Ernie splashes water on the floor.
    Drip. Drip.
    He drips water on the rug.

    “Ernie!” Bert shouts. “You are making a BIGGER mess!”
    Ernie smiles at Bert.
    “But, Bert,” Ernie says, “you told me to look at the mess I made.”

    Now Bert is very angry.
    “I wish I lived here all by myself!” he shouts.
    Bert walks out of the room.
    SLAM! goes the door.
    Ernie stops smiling.
    “Bert does not want me here anymore,” he says. “I guess I will go away.”
    Ernie is sad.

    Ernie gets dressed.
    Then he packs a big bag.
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    Have you ever seen dinosaur skeletons in a museum?
    I have.
    I visit them all the time.
    I went again yesterday.



    I like to say their names.

    SCOLOSAURUS was just where I had left it.
    And TYRANNOSAURUS REX looked as fierce as ever.
    TYRANNOSAURUS used to scare me.
    I still can’t believe how big it is.
    Just its head is almost twice my size.

    I’m not afraid of dinosaurs anymore.
    Sometimes I call them “you bag of bones” under my breath
    I can spend hours looking at them.
    I used to wonder where they came from and how they got into the museum.
    But now I know.

    Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.
    A few of them were as small as birds, but most were enormous.
    Some dinosaurs ate plants.
    Some dinosaurs ate the meat of other dinosaurs.
    And some may even have eaten the eggs of other dinosaurs.
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    In today’s world of marketing, customer retention is one of the key areas which marketers tend to ignore. Everyone thinks creating new customers is the key to profitability.

    Contrary to popular belief, research shows that companies usually spend up to 3 times more on acquiring new customers than trying to retain an existing one. On the other hand, existing customers with their trust on your side spend up to 50% more on your offerings as compared to new ones. There’s also a belief that improving customer retention by a marginal 5% can result in revenue growth up to 50%.

    When the stakes are that high, it’s only fair for every company to prepare a smart customer retention strategy. Let’s talk about 7 of the most effective strategies that can help you in this regard:

    Interactive Onboarding Process
    In so many instances, companies celebrate after acquiring a new customer (which they should) only to turn their backs on that guy & focus on getting another new customer. That’s a recipe for disaster!
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    Shortly after New Religion's album was released, Paul was able to put pressure on his ankle. He still had to rest it as much as possible, so he didn't go out much. One evening, while his mates were out getting dinner to bring home, Paul heard "I Could've Lied" on the radio. He wondered if Rosa had heard it yet. Just then, he heard his cellphone ring. He reluctantly hobbled over to his dresser to answer it. It was his mother. She said, "I just heard your song on the radio. Was your breakup with Rosa the reason you wrote it?" He said, "Yes, Mother." She asked, "What truth did you admit?" He said, "I'm an aromantic asexual, Mother. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was afraid you would be disappointed." She said, "Dear, sweet Paul, I could never be disappointed in you." He said, "But I thought you wanted grandchildren." She said, "I may not have human grandchildren, but you gave me wonderful granddogs, Yukon and Nunavut." Paul smiled and said, "I had the pleasure of raising two great dogs." His mother said, "You know, sometimes I think about Yukon, and I just cry." Paul said, "I know, Mother. I miss him, too." She asked him, "Are you going to get another dog someday?" He said, "Yes, but...
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    door opens* cookie, IM GOING IN *runs in house* COOKIE STOP RUNING AROUND THE HOUSE! cookie, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BECAUSE YOUR RUNING THEIR HOME! Cookie, I COULD DO WHATEVER I WANTTTTT! okay il just call your mom cookie cookie , NOOOOOO OKAY STOP RUNING THE HOUSE *slaps cookie with flip flop* cookie, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA STOP DOING SUCH DRAMA! cookie, DUMB BABY SITTER WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY *slaps cookie 900000 times with flip flop* WE ARE LEAVING! cookie , NOOOOO *puts cookie in car and gose back home* cookie, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 4 days ago
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    S.B is the narrator

    Narrator: Trainz was filmed in high definition before a live studio audience.
    Leon: *In the yards with the other Random D&H Alco PA's* What should we do before the opening credits begin this time?
    Stan: I don't know.
    Sebastian: Perhaps it's going to focus on the four of us.
    Xavier: This is what I like about our job. If we don't come up with a good idea for this episode, we can use it for the next one.
    Narrator: Wait a second. I don't remember hiring you four to write the opening scene.
    Audience: *Laughing*
    Leon: Are you sure?
    Stan: We had a conversation about it.
    Sebastian: You don't remember it.
    Xavier: That's all.
    Narrator: Yeah, that's not going to work on me fellas. I write each, and every episode.

    Theme Song: link

    Sebastian: I guess that's why it takes a long time to finish.
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    I was very excited for Ghostbusters '16.

    I waited impatiently for every piece of new content.

    (According to an old comment, I'd been GB-stalking for a year and a half before the movie even came out.)

    I added everything I could get my hands on to this club.

    I capped and iconned trailers.

    I made picks, quizzes, scoured the internet for positive articles.

    Hell, I even wrote a few articles of my own.

    Acquired Funko Pops and a Ghost-busting guide book and Ghostbusters-themed Twinkies.

    (Most of which are probably still in a cabinet somewhere, 'cause I don't really like Twinkies.)

    Spent hours wading through troll-infested swamps to fuel my rage.

    (aka the comment section on any Ghostbusters content that allowed comments)

    Gotta keep the hype going. Prove the haters wrong.

    Finally, I pre-ordered my ticket for an opening day showing.
    Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 5 days ago
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    Johnny arrived at Gran Memoria with Derek, and Benjamin.

    Johnny: *Opens the door, and holds it for the others*
    Derek: Thank you. *Walks inside with Benjamin*
    Johnny: *Following the two of them*
    Desk Clerk: Welcome gentlemen. Are you here for an interview?
    Johnny: I am. Felix Potter, and these are Harold Greene, and Otto Runstedt.
    Derek: How do you do?
    Desk Clerk: Fine, thank you. If you sit down over there, I'll get everything prepared for you.
    Johnny: *Sits down with Derek, and Benjamin*
    Benjamin: What exactly are we going to try, and find?
    Johnny: Anything unusual. Places like this are occasionally used as a front.
    Debbie: *Walks into the room* Hello gentlemen.
    Johnny: Good morning.
    Debbie: My name is Debbie Alameda. Please follow me.
    Johnny: *Stands up with Derek, and Benjamin. The three of them follow Debbie to a flight of stairs*
    Debbie: So, I understand that you three come from the United Kingdom.
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    I've put up a Top Ten Favorite Disney songs, so here's a Top Ten Favorite Disney Scores!

    10. Kingdom Dance
    Movie: Tangled
    Composer: Alan Menken
    This song is played when Rapunzel and Eugene are in Corona together for her birthday, ending with the Kingdom Dance. This is a fun song and it’s fun to watch. Rapunzel is running around like she’s in Disneyland (something I’m pretty sure the writers were going for) and any time I’m going somewhere exciting like Disneyland or a convention this song plays in my head and I feel like Rapunzel. There’s times where I listen to this song and when the kingdom dance part comes up I feel like joining Rapunzel.

    9. Married Life
    Movie: Up
    Composer: Michael Giacchino
    This song is played during the Ellie and Carl’s married life scene at the beginning. It’s a simple sounding song, not as overwhelming as some of the others on this list but that’s the thing, to me it sounds like a simple song but it ends up fitting so well with Carl and Ellie’s life together. Their married life looks so simple; going to work, going on picnics,...
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    That evening, the funeral for Lydia's grandmother was held. After the funeral, Lydia broke down once again. John hugged her and said, "It's all right, love. We're here for you." She continued to cry. Catherine said, "It's hard to lose a loved one. Trust me. I know. I've lost a lot of loved ones during the past twenty-four years of my life." Lydia said, "I know you have. I'd never once say I had it worse than you." Pattie felt bad for Lydia, especially since neither of them had any grandparents left. Pattie then said, "Oh, Lydia, I wish I could do something to make you feel better." Lydia said, "Just talk to me, Pattie, and I'll be all right." Pattie said, "All right. I'll keep talking to you." The next morning, Lydia paid her final respects to her grandmother before the burial. As they left, Gavin asked, "Do you ever visit your grandparents' graves, Lydia?" She replied, "No. The thing is, they're not there. What's the point?" Marie asked, "You mean you never considered putting flowers on their graves?" Lydia said, "I never considered it. There's no point in it. There is a lyric from a song called 'Gone Away' by the Offspring that sticks with me. 'Black roses and hail Marys, I can't...
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    Me reminiscing
    Hello, it's been years since I was actually active, and I thought to myself, man I wonder how good old Fanpop is doing right now. How old was I when I was truly active at this site? 12? 14? Either way, I was probably cringy and immature. Woah, look at that Kataralover, Riku, Cruella, and Zanhar are still active! In fact, the majority of people I associate with this site are still here. Lol, I like how deathding posts so much that he is among one of the most popular tags on this site.

    New Values With Characters
    For people, who don't know I used to value development, complexity, and establishment above all else. Even though none of these things are bad, they aren't what makes a good character in my opinion.

    Starting off with development, what it means is character changes essentially. I think development is quite overrated in the analysis community, it's not what the character is. It's an end destination for a character after an arc. I mean if the development is done well then great, but all the basic parts of a character are far more important. Not to mention, characters don't even need to develop to be...
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